Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Quickwrite - Robot Servant

If I had my own personal robot I would want him to do my everyday things. Those things would be like making my lunches & suppers, cleaning my room, doing my laundry and putting it away (especially putting it away). For my food, he would know all of my favourite foods and wouldn't be afraid to try some new dishes. With cleaning my room and house he would know where everything goes and if he doesn't he won't be afraid to ask since the robot and I would have a good relationship. I would get him to do those things because they're super simple and they're things that I wouldn't miss doing myself. One of my favourite things that my robot would do, would be him turning into a moped (I would say car, but my robot isn't that big), to help me get around so I can finish other things that I have to do. I would have my robot dressed like a butler, so in a tuxedo because I think that would be cool. He would also just have a normal robot voice and when he isn't doing anything or waiting to start his next task, I would get him to do the "Robot" for my own amusement, since it'd be funny.

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