Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Quickwrite - Which door?

Which door?
The door I would most like to step through is Narnia because ever since I was little and watched the movie I've always wished that something like that was true. If I did step through it, I wouldn't imagine my own exoerience, I would imagine my perspective through one of the sister's eyes. I would like to be the little girl since she had tons of adventure and she just seemed to have more fun with the whole experience but I would probably choose the older sister's point of view since I could relate to her side of the story more.


  1. what about narnia do you like most??

  2. That is quite a difficult decision. However, though I know next to nothing about Doctor Who, if I'm correct, the TARDIS is capable of taking me to any time and place, so I'd settle for that- essentially choosing everything rather than one specific place. Although, if you stepped into the wardrobe to Narnia, I imagine that this would be a rather big deal in that world. With respect to the series, anytime a human came from Earth into Narnia, it was a pretty big deal and they usually saved the world or something along those lines. Who would you want to meet most in Narnia?