Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Beatrice's 15 Tweets

Divergent (208) Veronica Roth

Why does no one ever tell me the entire story? #ineedtoknow

I can't believe you chose Erudite #flabbergasted

I miss having dinner with you, dad, and Caleb, even though I shouldn't be thinking about that #tbt

How did I ever become the first jumper #notlikeme #courage

There are no time for mistakes in the Dauntless unless you want to end up like the girl who fell off the roof #lessonlearned

I wonder how Caleb is doing, if only I could see him #iwish

I probably should feel bad that I beat you up, but you deserve it after what you did to me #sorrynotsorry

I thought we were friends, but after that smirk, I'm not too sure #frenemies

I can't tell if I like this person I'm becoming, or not #changes #different

I've never felt this feeling before #confused

Do I even know my own mother? #question

We're just friends... that's all #nothingmore

I thought I would have been ranked closer to the bottom #notcomplaining

How can anyone sleep at night now #scared

The Dauntless won't care if we tattletale on one another #onourown

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