Monday, 21 October 2013

Beatrice's iPhone


News Daily - this is an app that Beatrice would use to be updated with Jeanine's articles about her dad and the Abnegation government

iVision - this app allows Tris to see in the dark, since this app is like night vision goggles and it's handy since the Dauntless are always in the dark

Abnegation - an app specifically for all the information about Abnegation; to see who all the members are, a map of around the faction and little notes that Beatrice writes down

Name Change - this app is a name converter and it's useful because lots of people go by different names so this will create some creative ones

PicPic - this app allows Tris to have all of her pictures of her family and adventures, and let's her organize them as she would like 

QuizO! - since Beatrice and lots of people always second guess which faction they belong in, they can answer these questions from a quiz to find out which one they should be in, but if you're divergent like Beatrice, you might not get a straight answer 

iFears - this app lets Tris keep track of all of her fears she has so she can prepare how to deal with them during stage three of initiation 

Dauntless - this app shows all of the members of the Dauntless and Tris can keep track of what things she learns about each person. It also has a map of the faction 

Train Sched - this app is a list of when the train comes by so Beatrice doesn't have to worry or waste her time memorizing it

Finder - this app lets Tris know if there's a person like Eric or Four in a 50m radius of her since she is always sneaking around

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