Thursday, 14 November 2013

Quickwrite - 3 Skills

which three skills?
[This one is from a set of 300 Common Core aligned writing prompts that I put together.]

When I first read this, by seeing the word "success" it made me think of having lots of money to be "successful", which yes, is true, but that's not how I entirely would want it to be. I would see having a good family, lots of good friends, being surrounded by people who care for you, and that you care for to be "successful". So I would definitely say humour to be an important one because I think laughing and having a good time is a must. Resourcefulness is also important because we don't know all the answers, so if you can go out in the world and find out the information and answers you need, that will help you a lot. The last one I would chose would be patience because it would help with understanding of others, and to not get mad or upset easily. 

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