Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Dialogue "Creeping" Questions

1a) To do this assignment we walked around the school trying to listen to other peoples conversations. 
b) I listened to the conversation for about a minute or two.
c) The conversation was between an EA and a student. 
d) It felt kind of wrong listening to their conversation at first since it was just between them and everyone has a right to their own privacy, but it's interesting sometimes to see what people are talking about and they were also talking loud enough for me to hear them. 

2) I learnt that if people are more excited about something they'll be way more happier and talk a lot more and faster. But with this specific conversation I learnt that you can tell a lot about someone's personality. In this case, the student was super quiet and kind of avoided talking, I could tell that he was super shy. 

3) You could apply this into your writing by caring more about how your characters talk to one another and by showing their personalities more through what they say rather than other characters describing them.

4) Personality and character are revealed through conversation because if someone avoids contributing to the conversation or talks really quiet you could guess they're shy, or if someone is very loud when they talk, and talks a lot, you could think that they're outgoing.

5) When more than 2 people participate in a conversation, the conversation tends to get dragged on more, since each person usually has something to say and a different opinion to add. I also think that with more than 2 people talking, lots of people get interrupted.

6) The most surprising thing I've learnt about the way people converse is that lots of people don't pay attention to what the other person is saying and lots of people get interrupted so easily and in a way sometimes people just "skim" through what the other person is saying as if they're just skimming through the pages of a book.

7) With spoken conversation you can easily tell if a person is more excited/sad/mad by what they say, the tone of their voice and their body language. With written conversation it's hard to imagine the actual tone of the person talking, and sometimes it's hard to determine if the person is being sarcastic or not. You can also get your point across a lot quicker with spoken conversation, written conversation just takes a bit more time and is a lot more descriptive. 

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