Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Imagery Paragraph

1) I chose this passage because when I was reading it I could easily visual the scene and it showed me a little bit of all the senses in a little paragraph. It appealed to me because all the senses were easy to imagine and relate to.
2) I think the most common type of imagery would be visual, because even with the stuff that isn't highlighted green, you can still visual. For example, you can feel it being hot and humid, but you can also visual that type of atmosphere, and same with someone bumping into you. 
3) The best snippet of imagery in this passage would either be "It is hot and humid in the room" or "I taste sweat" and to me it is so effective because it is something that everyone has gone through so it is no problem picturing it.
4) This imagery is negative because it's saying how it's hot and humid in the room meaning that the people are scared/nervous (especially from reading the past few sentences of the book).
5) The mood/emotion being created by the author is suspense and fear in a way. She mentions how the fish all died and at the end of the paragraph it mentions how everyone went quiet to listen to show that they're all also curious.
6) The purpose of this imagery is to show you a memory that a character had and show you how she feels at that moment and it gives you a little more detail of the situation.

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