Monday, 30 September 2013


Photo Credit: Catherine Ostachie

"Stick together, through thick and thin" 

I chose these words because that is exactly what my family has done. When times have gotten hard we haven't given up on each other, we have always stuck through it, and have been there for one another and supported each others decisions made and will continue to do so. So why not have a picture of us as a family when we're all happy and smiling? Especially when we've done all of this within the past 13 months we have known eachother, so that has to mean and count for something.
 I didn't do any editing on the picture itself, I left it how it was taken because I think the message of the picture is clear and it doesn't need any emphasis. I chose the font and the font colour because that is something that appealed to me, and it stands out and I think it fits with the picture well.

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