Monday, 2 December 2013

Creating Dialouge


     - Dialogue Tags
     - Non-Verbal Body Language

"You best be saving me some of that!" Harold shouted.
"Why do I have to?" Lily asked.
"Umm.. because we're sharing?"
"Why do I have to share?! You know I don't even like smokes." Lily said as she rolled her eyes.
"B-b-but, I thought that's what we agreed on..." Harold quietly mentioned just as his eyes were about to water.
"Stop being such a baby! We never agreed on that!"
Just before Harold got up and was about to leave, he added, "Okay fine then, I'm never going to share anything, ANYTHING with you ever!!! So, that means you can't touch my toy cars, especially the bright blue one
Lily grabbed his arm and pulled him back, sat him down and offered him the bottle. "Here. You know those are my favourite toys of yours."
Before Harold accepted it, he was hesitant, but he looked at Lily and could tell she meant it. He happily said, "Thank you!"
Lily smirkingly said, "You owe me."
They both laughed as Harold passed the bottle back and said, "Ok. You can have the toy car as a gift."

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