Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Buried Life Project

Author's Note
My name is Cheyenne Vermette and we got this to do for a project in our creative writing class. We needed 50 - 100 things we wanted to complete in our life before we die, but I put a little more than that. It was easy to think of things I wanted to do, because one thing led to another and there are just plenty of things to do in the world. I am only 17 years old, so I still have lots of time to complete them, but just thinking about it, I have already completed multiple things that I never thought I would have this soon. Many things that I can't do just staying in Manitoba or without the help from my dad and family. There will also be things on my list that involve my friends and other people, so I just want to say thank you to everyone for being supportive and being there! Can't wait for the good times to come! :)

#1 - Bungee jump
#2 - Travel to Hawaii, Jamaica, Cancun and The Bahamas
#3 - Go to Dublin, Ireland
#4 - Ride a roller coaster 
#5 - Go to Disney World
#6 - Fly somewhere on Spring Break
#7 - Take a photo every day for a year
#8 - Be in a flash mob
#9 - Become an aunty
#10 - Go to Vegas with a bunch of friends 
#11 - Swim in an infinity pool ✓(January 2014)
#12 - Swim in the ocean ✓(January 2014)
#13 - Adopt a dog on my own
#14 - Do a good deed
#15 - Spend a whole day at the movie theatre 
#16 - Build my own house 
#17 - Go rock climbing on a mountain 
#18 - Spin the wheel on The Price is Right
#19 - Learn archery 
#20 - Do a colour run
#21 - Be happily married
#22 - Participate in a car wash fundraiser
#23 - Fly in a hot air balloon 
#24 - Ride a mechanical bull
#25 - Become good friends with a stranger
#26 - Swim with dolphins ✓(January 2014)
#27 - Travel to Egypt and visit the pyramids
#28 - Live by the beach
#29 - Volunteer at a dog shelter
#30 - Travel somewhere hot while it's winter ✓(January 2014)
#31 - Have my very first car
#32 - Ride a Segway 
#33 - Go flyboarding
#34 - Be in New York City for New Year's Eve 
#35 - Learn to snowboard 
#36 - Have my dad walk me down the aisle
#37 - Touch a cactus 
#38 - Ride a gondola 
#39 - Build a tree house
#40 - Be brought flowers at work 
#41 - Have a big family
#42 - Fly in a helicopter
#43 - Climb a volcano
#44 - Buy a sombrero 
#45 - Learn a professional dance
#46 - Learn to speak Spanish fluently 
#47 - Get dressed up and go to a country club 
#48 - Improve my penmanship 
#49 - Write a cookbook 
#50 - Have a walk-in closet
#51 - Graduate
#52 - Have an in-ground pool
#53 - Buy a professional camera
#54 - Go Ziplining ✓(January 2014)
#55 - Be brought breakfast in bed
#56 - Go Skydiving
#57 - Get a massage at a spa
#58 - Have the perfect Christmas ✓(December 2013)
#59 - Tan without burning 
#60 - Learn to knit like my grandma
#61 - Karaoke with my friends 
#62 - Have a candle lit dinner on a rooftop 
#63 - Horseback ride on the beach 
#64 - Visit the Niagara falls 
#65 - Fly out of Canada ✓(January 2014)
#66 - Wear a wetsuit ✓(January 2014)
#67 - Travel all across canada
#68 - Go on a road trip with my friends
#69 - Have a party at a cabin
#70 - Sail a boat
#71 - Go cliff-diving 
#72 - Police ride along
#73 - Dog sled 
#74 - Milk a cow
#75 - Win more than $5 on a scratch card 
#76 - Stand under a waterfall 
#77 - Go parasailing ✓(January 2014)
#78 - Attend a high school reunion 
#79 - Meet someone famous
#80 - Donate blood
#81 - Bring a meal to a homeless person
#82 - Join a yoga class
#83 - Go house boating along the west coast
#84 - Go to university and get a degree
#85 - Have my palm read
#86 - Sit front row at a fashion show
#87 - Be a self made millionaire 
#88 - Stay in a 5 star hotel
#89 - Start a wedding and photography business with my friend
#90 - Go wine tasting 
#91 - Leave a plane onto the tarmac ✓(August 2012)
#92 - Exit a plane by the inflatable slide 
#93 - Toss pizza dough in the air
#94 - Partake in a giant food fight
#95 - Attend a masquerade 
#96 - Be a game show contestant 
#97 - Go to a movie drive-in
#98 - Stop caring what people think
#99 - Get hypnotized
#100 - See a broadway play
#101 - Wear a sumo wrestling suit
#102 - Start a fire without matches
#103 - Build a sandcastle as tall as I am
#104 - Go snorkelling ✓(January 2014)
#105 - Watch all the marvel superhero movies
#106 - Send a message in a bottle
#107 - Go in a submarine
#108 - Ride a camel
#109 - Stay best friends with my best friend from middle school 
#110 - Visit every state in the US
#111 - Visit the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas Strip, Times Square, Mount Rushmore
#112 - Collect money from all over the world
#113 - Go to the Olympics 
#114 - Go to a Casino
#115 - Get fake nails with a french manicure ✓(December 2013)
#116 - Send postcards/letters back and forth with someone
#117 - Go on Big Brother
#118 - Go all out with decorations when it's Christmas and Halloween
#119 - Make a stranger laugh
#120 - Go tubing ✓(July 2013)
#121 - Go camping with friends ✓(August 2012)
#122 - Watch all the Starwars movie
#123 - Go to Comicon

Now What
Many things on my list are little that could simply be done by just going out and doing them, but for some reason I just haven't. Lots of other things involve money and time, which are some things I don't have right now. I would say that I am really looking forward to all of the traveling that I want to partake in, just like many others, but one of the things that has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember is having my dad walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. This might just seem like every girls dream or maybe some people don't think too much of it, but it is especially meaningful to me because I just met my dad when I was 16. So, that was the first step I took into tackling this one thing I've always wanted to do in my life. For me to actually complete it, I just have to let life take its toll and wait and see what happens. 


  1. I really liked your project! I thought it was cool that a lot of your items included family & friends; it's clear that that's something that matters to you. Also, I thought it was cool that lots of them involved travelling.

  2. You're now what is so sweet Chey! I definitly feel like I have taken that privaledge for granted but I'm glad you have taken that step! Your list is great and I hope you accomplish everything on your list!

  3. Your bucket list is very intriguing, and there are so many cool things on it. I can't imagine what it would be like to meet someone like my father that late into life, it must have been a crazy experience to have. Do you guys have a good relationship now? Also, I just looked up what an infinity pool is, and that is SO COOL. That must've been wild to swim in!

  4. I really liked your presentation because it showed the things that are attainable as well as things that are going to be harder to complete! But you never know what could happen! I also like how ou opene up about your family! Very well done!